PS3 slammed for high power consumption

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PS3 slammed for high power consumption

Power warning over Sony console.

As fans prepare for the launch of Sony's PlayStation 3, energy information website Sust-it has recommended that buyers prepare for some eye-watering electricity bills. 

The site warns that the US version of the PlayStation 3 comes with a sizeable 380W power supply, which is over twice as big as its main competitor, Microsoft's Xbox 360 at 165W, and over seven times more power hungry than the PlayStation 2.

If a user combines a PS3 with a sizeable plasma display to take full advantage of the graphics capabilities of the machine, users could be burning 1.4kWh of power per hour.

Ross Lammas, from Sust-it, said: "We expect new car launches to announce more performance with less fuel consumption, so it's a pity that this does not apply to electronic goods. Is it not time for an energy efficiency rating system for consumer electrical goods?"

The site claims that consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to reduce energy consumption, and therefore reduce their own CO2 emissions.

"The PS3 again highlights the need for clear labelling of the potential power consumption of electronic devices, rather than relying on small print in the technical specification sheets," Sust-IT said.
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