New task force to examine ISP level content filtering

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New task force to examine ISP level content filtering

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has formed a new e-security task force to look into the Federal government’s controversial ISP filtering scheme.

The task force, which meets on November 26, will be expected to take ‘a leadership role, provide expert technical advice, and review e-security and ISP filtering proposals’ with a view to assisting the ACS to develop its own policy positions.

These issues are of critical importance to the safety and security of Australian ICT infrastructure, on-line business models and internet users, according to Kumar Parakala, chairman of ACS.

The task force will be lead by Vijay Varadharajan, Professor and Microsoft chair in innovation in computing at Macquarie University and director of information and networked system security research.

“We are aware of ISP level filtering testing conducted by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), and the recent calls for tenders in the live pilot testing of ISP content filtering. We acknowledge that there have been strong industry views on these proposals ,” said Varadharajan.

“At this stage the task force will develop sound technical advice on the feasibility and governance of the various ISP filtering options being investigated.”

The ACS was more welcoming of the Federal government’s general action ‘on e-security issues’, particularly with the NBN RFP process coming to a head.

“Online business activities have potential for huge productivity gains for the community and business with the introduction the new National Broadband Network,” said Parakala.

“Appropriate e-security frameworks and policies are necessary if we are to fully harness this potential.”

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