NetApp backs storage guarantee with $1m offer

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NetApp backs storage guarantee with $1m offer

NetApp is offering a whopping 50 terabytes of enterprise data storage, worth about $1 million, to an Australian organisation willing to be iTnews' guinea pig in a benchmark test to prove the validity of NetApp's storage virtualisation guarantee.

That's right, NetApp will give an Australian organisation $1 million of storage hardware, software and services.

All you have to do to get your hands on this spiffing piece of storage kit is fill out this simple application form describing your storage environment.

The background

Announced last September, NetApp's storage virtualisation guarantee promises customers will save at least half of their data requirements by migrating from a RAID 10 array to NetApp's latest storage virtualisation technologies such as thin provisioning, cloning and data de-duplication.

NetApp added a 35 per cent guarantee in February for customers moving from its competitors, prompting rival EMC to bite back in iTnews last month.

NetApp managing director Peter O'Connor says it is time for the companies to "put their money where their mouths" are.

"We absolutely stand behind the storage guarantee and we are prepared to prove it," O'Connor told iTnews.

"What NetApp would like to offer is 50 terabytes of free data storage to an Australian company to provide a live benchmark of how much storage NetApp technology can save," he said.

NetApp says the value for the 50TB array, controllers, software licences and associated services is about $1 million.

He expects the exercise to save the selected Australian company half of its storage capacity in a VMware environment as promoted under NetApp's storage efficiency guarantee.

He calls on EMC to offer its own storage systems for a benchmark test: "What I am saying to them is, put up or shut up."


Applications to host the benchmark are open and will close at 5:00pm EST on 17 April.

Stay tuned to iTnews for updates.


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