Mozilla proposes 3D graphics standard

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Mozilla proposes 3D graphics standard

Mozilla has teamed up with the Khronos Group, which works to achieve open standards for graphics, to bring 3D content to web browsers.

In response to a proposal from Mozilla, Khronos has created an Accelerated 3D on Web working group that will consider various approaches to creating a graphics standard, including the exposure of Open GL ES 2.0 capabilities within an ECMAScript container such as a web browser.

Mozilla has offered to chair the group, and will include the standard as the base functionality in the release after Firefox 3.5.

Khronos has opened up the development process to any company that wants to take part and gain early access to draft specifications before the public release. Google has demonstrated early interest, offering its expertise in graphics and web development.

"With more and more content moving to the web, and JavaScript getting faster every day, the time is right to create an open, general purpose API for accelerated 3D graphics on the web," said Google engineering director Matt Papakipos.

Neil Trevett, president of the Khronos Group, added: "The convergence of increasing JavaScript performance and pervasive access to accelerated OpenGL and OpenGL ES presents a potentially historic opportunity to make open, general purpose 3D capabilities available to web developers and web browsers everywhere. "

Mozilla announced the latest beta of Firefox 3.1 last week, which features a new tab screen that allows users to view the sites they visit most frequently.

Firefox displays the site links in what Mozilla calls a "cognitive shield", which aims to prevent users from being distracted when they surf the web by hiding the links until the user moves the mouse over the shield. The links then fade in quickly.

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