Mozilla plans for mobile browser

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The head of Mozilla is planning to develop a browser for mobile phones by 2010.

Mitchell Baker, chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation, has been laying out her plans for the organisation over the next two years.

These include getting an effective browser for the mobile market, making more internet data public and developing existing products to be more effective.

“There are also other broader goals that Mozilla might take on - proposals to date include education, open source evangelism in general, open everything, assisting online communities with participatory tools,” she wrote on her blog.

“These discussions will pick up steam as Mark Surman joins us. Having a set of goals for our product and technology development will also provide valuable input into that discussion.”

She also committed to expanding the role of Firefox and building on its market share, while developing new browser technology such as the Aurora project.

Mozilla has already stated that it is working on a mobile version of the Firefox browser but has never set a timeframe for release.

Baker did not commit to the timeline explicitly however, and Mozilla has consistently stated it does not release software until it is ready.
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