Mozilla announces SeaMonkey update

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Mozilla announces SeaMonkey update

Mozilla has announced updates to SeaMonkey, an unofficial, open source, all-in-one internet application for software developers.

First introduced in January 2006, SeaMonkey uses a single application to deliver web browsing, RSS feeds, IRC chatting, email and HTML code editing.

The application traces its roots to the Mozilla Application Suite that was discontinued by the Mozilla Foundation in favour of the Firefox browser and Thunderbird email application in March 2005.

Shortly after Mozilla gave up on the suite, an independent group of developers took up the project. Although SeaMonkey is not officially supported by Mozilla, the Foundation hosts the project and works with the independent developers.

The SeaMonkey 1.0.6 update includes fixes for three critical security vulnerabilities that could allow remote code execution, one in the way the application handles JavaScript, one in the way it reads RSA signatures, and a third unspecified vulnerability that could allow for memory corruption.

As SeaMonkey uses many of the same browser and email components as versions 1.5 of Firefox and Thunderbird, vulnerabilities in those products can also effect SeaMonkey.

A beta version of SeaMonkey 1.1 was also released, featuring improved phishing protection, the ability to tag emails, and to drag and drop URLs and bookmarks.

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