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Apple is still having birthing problems with Mobile Me, the replacement for its Dot Mac service which never really made the grade.

At the request of the Thin White Duke of Cupertino himself, David G Chapman has been passed the unpleasant duty of keeping the worldwide community of Macolytes up to date with Mobil Me machinations in a regular bog (of sorts).

The first post, which appeared on Friday explained that the first 14 days since the launch had been, a rocky road.

"We know the pain some people have been suffering. Be assured people here are working 24-7 to improve matters, and we’re going to favour getting you new info hot off the presses even if we have to post corrections or further updates later."

David goes on to explain how a major problem with one of the company's mail servers had blocked and... er ... lost, about ten per cent of the mails floating about in the ether between July 16th and 18th.

That's lost, folks... not mislaid. Not temporarily unavailable. Gone. Forever. Never gonna get 'em back. No backup... nada.

Apple has since reported that it has added server capacity and tuned its software to scale better. Which means it should behave more gracefully when internet traffic spikes. The team has also fixed problems with mail Syncing to Outlook servers which we reported here.

Up until Sunday, around one per cent of subscriber to the US$99 a year service had no, or sporadic, access to email. Apple is promising to fix this, "Within the next couple of days."

What has struck us throughout this whole debacle is that, despite Apple putting up its corporate hands and admitting to having made one holy cock-up of the whole affair, it hasn't said sorry once to the loyal band of followers who keep the Cupertino Cabal in Alfalfa sprout smoothies and hybrid smugmobiles.

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