McAfee touts risk management panacea

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McAfee touts risk management panacea

New security strategy bundles several technologies in a single suite.

McAfee has unfolded a security risk management strategy designed to help enterprises source threat prevention and compliance management technologies from a single vendor.

The new strategy will essentially link several technologies which McAfee has acquired over the past few years, including SiteAdvisor, Citadel and Foundstone.

The aim is to provide a comprehensive suite of products that prevents security breaches and data theft, provides an audit trait to comply with legislation, and protects intellectual property.

"Companies need to address compliance in a much more cost-effective manner," argued Michelle Cobb, product marketing manager at McAfee. "They cannot do that with point products."

The security firm also revealed that it has acquired Onigma for US$20 million in cash. The deal closed earlier this month. 

Israel-based Onigma develops FlowControl, an application to prevent information leaks. The software is currently in beta and is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of next year.

McAfee plans to integrate FlowControl with its security products by the second quarter. The firm currently offers a gateway-based product that scans for data leaks at the perimeter of the network.

Onigma's software resides on the client, offering IT administrators additional tools that block screenshots and external storage devices, and prevent users from copy-pasting confidential data.

McAfee's security risk management strategy comes one week after Symantec unveiled its Security 2.0 initiative. 

Both companies are extending their portfolios from antivirus and firewalls to products which better protect confidential information and customer data.

Symantec previewed its Symantec Web Security application last week that is due out some time next year. The application is designed to offer a gateway-based content filtering service.
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