Mandriva Linux 2009 'optimised' for mini laptops

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Mandriva Linux 2009 'optimised' for mini laptops

Linux publisher Mandriva has released its latest distribution, offering a faster boot time and up-to-date versions of tools such as KDE, Gnome, OpenOffice and Firefox, plus an installer that optimises the platform for mini-laptops.

Available immediately for download, Mandriva Linux 2009 integrates the latest innovations, from office applications to the newest virtualisation technology, according to the firm.

Among these is KDE 4.1, the first release of the popular desktop shell with KDE's Personal Information Management suite consisting of the KMail email client and KOrganizer planner.

However, Mandriva said that the installer is capable of detecting low-resource systems and will instead offer to install the Gnome environment, which is more appropriate for netbooks such as the Asus Eee PC line.

In addition, the installer can detect and optionally remove previously installed packages that are no longer required (known as orphans) to optimise free storage space.

Mandriva Linux 2009 also includes version 3 of the productivity suite, plus the Firefox 3 browser.

The distribution is available in a commercial edition called Powerpack, which includes commercial software, support, and services for €59 (£47), or two free-to-download editions: One, a live CD-Rom image that can also be installed; and Free, which contains only free or open source software.

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