Malware writers begin to target Google's Chrome browser

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Malware writers begin to target Google's Chrome browser

Just because you're using Chrome doesn't mean you're necessarily immune to malware. An unsolicited email is circulating which prompts Google Chrome users to install a fake browser extension.

The email, which arrives unsolicited to the user's inbox, is disguised as a Chrome browser extension. When a user downloads the email, a suspicious link prompts the download, which hides the malware.  

Antivirus company BitDefender reports that the fake Chrome extension looks identical to the authentic version, except for a few telltale signs, namely the all-important file extension. The nasty malware extension ends with an executable file tag (.exe) , where as the original authentic browser code uses '.crx'.

The malware modifies the Windows HOST file, which then looks to block access to Google and Yahoo web pages. Trying to access these sites will redirect Chrome users to the malware writers own website.

This marks one of the first big occasions that malware authors have purposely targeted Chrome browsers. In the past few years, Microsoft IE and Firefox have worn much of the attacks - but if this piece of malware is anything to go by, Chrome users may become new and attractive targest, especially as popularity of the browser rapidly increases.

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