Kerry Packer used as hook in email scam

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Kerry Packer used as hook in email scam

Business tycoon, the late Kerry Packer, is the subject of an unsolicited email that is attempting to dupe vulnerable Australian’s into transferring personal funds to overseas scammers.

A reader informed today that they had received an email claiming to be from Tim Howard an associate of Kerry Packer asking for assistance in collecting a total of $US65.5 million.

The tone and grammar of the email illustrates it has probably originated from a non-English speaking country.

The email with subject line “Transaction Bequest” states: “By way of Introduction my names are Tim Howard, personal treasurer to Late Mr. Kerry Packer the richest man in Australia and owner of the many companies.

“I seek someone reputable to assist with the Re-profiling the sum of US$65.5M, this email may come with a shock but it also comes with equal urgency.If capable please write back for full details. My private email address is

It also describes Packer’s many business ventures and directs recipients to two legitimate news articles from CNN and as proof of Packer's existence and wealth.

Federal Agent Nigel Phair, team leader at the Australian High Tech Crime Centre (AHTCC) said: "By including links it could lead to malicious sites with Trojan downloads, but this can't be confirmed without analysing it with more detail."

Furthermore, a spokesperson from ACCC's ScamWatch service said: "Before responding to an offer of this kind, ask yourself why somebody would offer you this opportunity without even knowing you.

"Do not respond. Do not email back, do not call any telephone number listed in the email and do not send any money, credit card details or other personal details to the scammers. Responding only indicates you're interested and you could end up with lots more fake offers in the future."

Earlier this year, speaking to reporters at the AusCERT2007 security conference, Detective Brian J Hay from the Fraud and Corporate Crime Investigation Group of the Queensland Police said many Australian’s are still falling victim to online scams and approximately $500,000 a month in QLD is being transferred to Nigerian scammers, about one fifth of the national average.

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