iPrimus trumps Telstra wireless broadband data limit

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iPrimus trumps Telstra wireless broadband data limit

It only took five days, but Telstra’s 10 GB wireless broadband limit has already been trumped by iPrimus with a newer, cheaper 12 GB plan.

News of the 12 GB plan comes as the ISP put its Speedster service in general release, following an earlier soft launch in May.

The new iPrimus 12 GB plan also undercuts Telstra's 10 GB offer by between a massive $50 to $60 per month.

Speedster is also available as a 6 GB plan for $39.95 per month.

Telco competitor Three currently has a similar offer, however the difference is that iPrimus will throttle Internet speed once the limit is reached, whereas Three charges per MB.

iPrimus is talking up the benefits of shaping – namely that there are no excessive data usage charges.

“Today’s consumers want the freedom to be online at any time and the existing mobile broadband pricing packages have potential risk for excessive and unexpected download charges, often amounting to several hundred dollars in a month,” said Ravi Bhatia, CEO of Primus Australia in a statement.

Details of Telstra's 10 GB plan are available here.

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