Internode's NodePhone signs 10 000th customer

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Internode's NodePhone signs 10 000th customer

Internode’s NodePhone Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service has signed up its 10,000th customer while sales of VoIP enabled routers are rapidly increasingly the company announced today.

According to Internode, plunging prices for VoIP-enabled routers and increased consumer awareness of VoIP services has seen strong growth in NodePhone customer numbers since the start of the year.

Internode’s NodePhone product manager Jim Kellett said: “Each dollar NodePhone cuts from their phone bill can be offset against their broadband service – it can make broadband a zero-sum equation.”

NodePhone enables local VoIP calls using Internode’s first tier private national network. Customers made more than half a million telephone calls during August, totalling nearly three million minutes of call time.

“NodePhone is used by all sorts of customers, ranging from people at home, small and medium-sized businesses right through to enterprises,” said Kellett.

Kellett said Internode expected the signup rate for NodePhone to accelerate shortly based on a doubling of sales of VoIP-enabled routers. “Sales have gone through the roof,” he said.

“This is now our most popular model of router – and has helped increase the NodePhone signup rate to over one in five of our new customers – double the level of just three months ago.”

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