Internode unveils pricing for new ADSL2+ plans

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Internode unveils pricing for new ADSL2+ plans

Internode has claimed it is offering ‘far better value’ reselling ADSL2+ services on Telstra’s DSLAMs than BigPond does ‘at all price points’.

The ISP today released details of five ADSL2+ broadband plans which leverage the Telstra wholesale agreement announced late last month.

The plans, creatively dubbed ‘TwoPlus’, start from $69.95 per month for a 2GB download allowance, up to $129.95 per month for a 55GB quota.

BigPond’s plans also start at $69.95 but this includes only a 600MB limit. The ‘Liberty’ plans are also more expensive on paper - 25GB on BigPond will set you back $109.95 per month, compared to $89.95 at Internode.

The two other key differences are uploads and extra costs. Internode plans provide for unlimited uploads whereas Telstra includes uploads within the monthly allowance figures.

Internode’s plans are also fixed in cost – if users go over their download limit, the speed is shaped to 64kbps (or they can purchase an extra data pack). Telstra charges $0.15 per MB for additional usage.

Product manager Jim Kellett said the merged coverage footprint of Telstra, Internode and Optus DSLAMs ‘means that Internode has one of the largest ADSL2+ coverage maps in Australia’.

“Key beneficiaries of ADSL-TwoPlus will be businesses that require high-speed uploads to support services like VPN or multi-channel VoIP, because the new TwoPlus plans support unlimited data uploading at data rates of up to one megabit per second,” said Kellett.

Internode ADSL-TwoPlus is available nationally everywhere that Telstra ADSL2+ equipment is installed.

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