IBM hones security blades

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IBM has announced a new blade server system designed specifically for high-traffic network security.

The company unveiled the BladeCenter PN41, a new system aimed at internet service providers looking to beef up security and better manage traffic.

The PN41 server will combine an IBM BladeCenter unit with a bundle of security and network management software network management vendor CloudShield. The server will allow service providers to monitor web traffic for suspicious activity and then filter and divert potentially malicious activity.

IBM hopes to primarily aim the PN41 at streaming ISPs and streaming video services who are tasked with providing security amongst massive amounts of traffic.

Among the attacks which the system professes to help prevent are denial of service and Domain Name System attacks, both of which have been connected to recent high-profile incidents.

"The IBM BladeCenter PN41 enables service providers to manage their network, security and telecommunications technology on an integrated platform," said Jim Pertzborn, vice president of telecommunications industry solutions for IBM's systems group.

"This integration can help service providers meet their customers' evolving requirements for data, voice and video services from anywhere, at anytime and over any device."

The company hopes to make the new servers available this year, and sees the PN41 as part of a larger systems package IBM can offer to telcos through its Telecom Integrated Solution for Security program along with the Tivoli Security Operations Manager and Proventia Intrusion Protection offerings.
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