HP announces carbon offset program

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HP announces carbon offset program

Hewlett-Packard Australia has launched the HP Carbon Offset Program in conjunction with the sale of its LaserJet printers.

The initiative is available to HP customers in Australia and New Zealand who purchase a HP LaserJet printer before 30 April 2008. Funded by HP, the program offers customers a free carbon offset equivalent to the carbon emissions produced over the lifetime of the printer.

Annukka Dickens, environmental manager South Pacific, HP said: “[The Carbon Offset program] complements HP’s existing environmental program and recognises that the majority of environmental impact occurs during the use of printers.

“Customers are putting practices into place to reduce their carbon footprint and we want to assist them in reaching their targets.”

HP is directing the proceeds to accredited global warming programs. Currently affiliated with non-for-profit organisation, Climate Positive, HP has chosen to invest in long term renewable energy projects. Dickens claimed the initiative is simply a practical extension of HP’s strong environmental ethos.

“HP has a history of environmental responsibility,” she said. “We have been focused on reducing the environmental impact of the life of a product, from design to manufacture to disposal, for some time.”

Dickens cited the reduced energy consumption of a printer transitioning from sleep to operational mode as an eco-friendly feature introduced at the design stage. She also highlighted the bonus of financial benefits in using green products.

“There are cost savings to using environmental products in terms of operational efficiency … it’s a knock-on effect,” said Dickens.

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