Freshtel unleashes V2

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Freshtel unleashes V2

Freshtel Holdings has unveiled its new telco-grade VoIP network dubbed V2.

The new V2 Voicedot network has been rolled out across Australia initially with the UK network soon to follow and replaces the existing infrastructure upon which Freshtel’s customers make and receive voice calls over the Internet.

Peter Warner, Freshtel’s acting CEO said V2 has been Freshtel’s major R&D focus over the last 12 months.

“Scalability has been a central design feature, allowing Freshtel to cater for an increase in our subscriber base, without disruption to service or the requirement for excessive capital expenditure to grow and maintain the network,” he said.

One of the key features of V2 is its distributed style network, rather than one that relies on a centralised infrastructure; similar to the concept of grid computing. The architecture also caters for the requirements of the mobile VoIP market, said Warner.

“V2 will enhance and extend the Voicedot compatibility that has been a feature of the Freshtel network. Voicedot technology bridges the networks used by Freshtel in Australia and its overseas markets, allowing the seamless interconnection of voice services across all compatible retailers and whitelabel partners,” said Warner.

The structure of the V2 network is such that it is deployed in pods, rather than operating as one large centralised network. This significantly enhances Freshtel’s ability to quickly deploy networks into new markets outside of the UK and Australia he said.

According to Warner it will also give Freshtel a distinct advantage as we expand into the European Union, where we must comply with strict data retention laws that require all user data to be stored in the local jurisdiction. The V2 network gives us the ability to easily create a country-specific pod or network for each area we work in.

Freshtel will also be rolling out new network features such as high definition sound, server based conferencing, mobile internet telephony applications, SME services, improved account management and reseller features, he said.

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