Elcomsoft dopes up Wi-Fi cracking

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Elcomsoft dopes up Wi-Fi cracking

Elcomsoft, the Russian security company, has doped up its Distributed Password Recovery suite to crack Wi-Fi WPA and WPA2 security with the aid of GPUs.

This particular crackware is targeted at, and we quote, “forensic and government agencies" and in no way is intended to illegally crack you or your company's Wi-Fi network.

The EDPR suite will make use of your Nvidia GPU to brute-force attack a password encryption. The GPUs in question, as you might've guessed, are the CUDA-enabled ones from the 8600GT all the way up to the GTX family, although Elcomsoft considers it wise to put GPUs of the same family in the pot.

Passwords include Windows logins, MD5 hashes and with this latest update, WPA- and WPA2-encrypted Wi-Fi networks. Woohooo.

According to the company's benchmarketing, an 8800GTX is up to 56x faster than an unnamed Core 2 Duo, in Windows Login passwords and MD5 hashes, and almost 16x faster in Office app cracking.

No numbers given for Wi-Fi cracking, but that depends on a whole bunch of factors that don't depend on the cracking software.

So if you're a legit business person who needs to crack passwords with your Nvidia GPU, you're set. ATI owners needn't feel left out, ElcomSoft expects to ship ATI-enhanced cracking by 2009.

ElcomSoft didn't specify whether they're using CUDA or not. It looks like it, considering they're part of the CUDA Developer Relations Program and the type of GPUs supported.

WPA2 was, until now, considered by many the "safest" (if there is such a thing) of the consumer Wi-Fi security encryptions, now it's a blink away from bursting open and sending forth its bits of data. In the end this also means that Wi-Fi cracking, which was mostly done on Linux-based systems is now ajar to the world of Windows.

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