EBay sellers to strike over fee hike

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EBay sellers to strike over fee hike

EBay sellers have threatened to pull their listings from the auction site in a week-long protest against changes to the company's fee structure.

Sellers are up in arms following an announcement earlier this week that eBay is to increase the fees charged when vendors complete their sale, although the company also committed to lowering the cost of initial upfront listings.

"Sellers prefer this structure as it lowers their risk if an item does not sell. Put simply, we will make more of our money when sellers are successful," said chief executive-elect John Donahoe.

EBay's community forum is buzzing with angry sellers calling for a week-long strike from 18 February ahead of the proposed change which is due to take effect on 20 February.

"I read about the strike on the other boards, so I think the message is spreading," said 'mrskillion' on the eBay community forum.

"We have just been left powerless. We need to take back a little bit. If we all band together eBay will notice. I believe that completely."

Fellow forum member 'mole314' wrote: "I've never posted here before, but I'm here now because of this fiasco. I have some stuff to dump before closing my account, but I won't be selling anything that week."

EBay spokesman Usher Lieberman admitted that the company had anticipated a volatile response to the proposed changes.

"EBay has always had a very passionate community and our members do not hesitate to tell us how they feel," said Lieberman in an email.

"Over the past week we have presented them with a tremendous amount of bold changes and initiatives, and they have a lot to absorb.

"If our community was not reacting loudly to what we've announced, that would have been a real surprise and something to be concerned about."

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