Doom 3 expansion pack announced

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Game developer id Software has announced the imminent release of the first Doom 3 expansion pack.

Game developer id Software has announced the first Doom 3 expansion pack.

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil for PC continues the Doom 3 story where the original game ended, taking the player deeper into the dark world of a space colony under attack by a demon army.

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil will be distributed locally by Activision, and was co-developed by Nerve Software and id Software.

Doom 3 quickly shot to the number one spot in the charts, earning fame for its groundbreaking 3D graphics and "horror movie" experience.

The original Doom 3 was designed primarily as a single player experience, with only token multiplayer support. The Resurrection of Evil expansion now provides multiplayer fans with new custom levels and support for up to eight players in a session.

Local Activision representatives were unable to provide a solid release date, however a pre-Christmas release is unlikely.

Activision also has an Xbox version of Doom 3 under development. While previews of the console version have been displayed at trade shows, release details remain sketchy, with a Christmas release unable to be confirmed by Activision.


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