Democrats can't run Linux

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The U.S. Democratic Party has been touting its IT credentials as proof that it is a better bet than luddite John McCain who has never turned on a computer.

However, cracks in the Democrats' veneer have been showing lately, notably with the appointment of the technology and privacy anti-Christ Joe Biden as vice presidential candidate. It seems the Democrat's open source credentials are being questioned.

If you visit the US Democratic Party Convention site and try to use the streaming software using Linux you will be told you should pay for your operating system like every other good clean living American.

Users trying to see the stream are told they will have to install Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, or a Mac with Tiger (OS 10.4) or Leopard (OS 10.5).

Clearly the future under the democrats will be entirely proprietary. To be fair, the Democrats have not banned Firefox.

But it is strange that the most tech-savvy party, promoting the most technologically difficult event since the Olympics, can't get its streaming software to run on Linux.
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