Coffee company brings on the guilt trip

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Coffee company brings on the guilt trip

We've all seen them, those moochers who sit with one cup of coffee in an internet café for hours using the Wi-Fi effectively for free – one company has now come up with an ingenious way of preventing this.

Holland-based coffee company, Coffee Company, has decided to guilt-trip customers into buying more from their shop by promoting menu items through the Wi-Fi password.

The company frequently changes the password to the Wi-Fi to names such as “Buy-Another-Coffee-You-Cheapskate” or “Have-You-Tried-Our-Carrot-Cake” in order to highlight the fact that the café is for more than free-loading.

You can imagine the hilarity when the customer who has made one cuppa last three hours asks what the new password is and has “Order-Another-Drink” shouted at them.
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