Automation the key to tackling malware

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Automation the key to tackling malware

Teaching software to find malware will speed up the protection process.

Software that can spot malware and automatically write security signatures to block it could be the way forward, according to one security firm.

Having a team of analysts working to stop malware could become a thing of the past if security software can be made more accurate in the way it works, claims Kaspersky

"From our perspective we are trying not necessarily to throw individuals at the problem but to develop automation," said David Emm, senior technology consultant at Kaspersky, at Infosecurity Europe 2007.

"So while we have 30 people analysing, we have the same number working on tools which can automate the process of looking at these algorithms, even to the point where we can produce signatures in an automated fashion, at least at the basic level."

Emm explained that the substantial increase in the amount of malware affecting internet users has seen the number of items added to Kaspersky's database rising from 200 a day in 2006 to 3,000 a week today.

Automating the detection and blocking process would help fight that increasing threat.

"With the best will in the world you cannot necessarily get 10 people to be 10 times more productive than one person because you've then got to manage this group of people," he said.

"So automation is great in terms of speed and efficiency. It just needs to be made more accurate."
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