Apple breaks price promise on UK Itunes

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When Apple promised six months ago to equalise the cost of Itunes download throughout Europe, the chaps in the accounts department at Cupertino were probably thinking they had a long round of tough negotiations with records labels and artists ahead of them.

And the coders in the cupboard, deep in the bowels of the Californian fruit cave, must have been dreading all the additional work shaving a few pennies off of every entry on the biggest music download site in the world.

But it appears that the cruddy economy in the UK has come to Apple's rescue, if not to those of us struggling to pay the bills in beleaguered Blighty.

At the time, an Itunes single song cost 79p in the UK and 99 eurocents on the continent. A difference of just five pence but more than enough to spark howls of 'Rip of Britain' throughout the land.

But the effects of a strong Euro and the credit crunch in the UK means that the price difference has equalised itself very nicely, thank you very much.

We reckon that Jobs geezer has been busy undermining the whole UK economy just so he didn't have to pay to have Itunes updated.

By the way, the Americans still only pay the equivalent of 49p per tune so you can continue to aim your indignation Cupertinowards.
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