Anonymous wage vendetta on copyright laws

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Anonymous wage vendetta on copyright laws

Proud pirates protest on Guy Fawkes Day.

Online community Anonymous will celebrate the fifth of November with global, in-person protests against copyright laws, censorship, and the anti-counterfeiting trade agreement.

In the spirit of Guy Fawkes Day, protestors in 13 countries including the US, UK, Spain, France and Argentina will don masks made popular by the comic-turned-movie, V for Vendetta.

The community has not publicised any Australian protests for the so-called 'Remember5 Project'.

In 'Operation Titstorm' earlier this year, Anonymous launched DDoS attacks on Australian Government websites to protest the Government's proposed ISP-level internet filter.

More recently, the group attacked the US Copyright Office and Audiovisual Trade Association of Portugal for 'Operation Payback'.

Like Operation Payback, the Remember5 Project aimed to raise awareness of government attempts to "control the internet".

Protestors were encouraged to distribute flyers branding piracy as "freedom", and describing ACTA as "the start of a slippery slope, being passed in secrecy to prevent the public raising any resistance".

Organisers argued that instead of stimulating creativity, copyright laws were being abused by entertainment industry associations to "assure a steady flow of income".

"The internet is in danger," organisers warned.

"First, they steal our P2P, then they steal Wikileaks, then they gradually start curtailing the freedom of information we've got to achieve, and turn the probably most revolutionary invention of the last thousand years into a tool for their own purposes.

"We won't give them our P2P, we won't give them our freedom. The internet is ours, not theirs. And that's what we have to make them remember ... and never forget."

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