AMD hammers bottom line

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AMD has switched marketing tack, saying a global switch to AMD chips would save the industry US$10 billion.

"There is a lot you can do with [US]$10 billion dollars," AMD CEO Hector Ruiz said at the Comdex trade fair.

Ruiz said the US$10 billion is purely hypothetical, but added that the bottom line pitch is grabbing the attention of corporations.

"Some of these larger companies are putting pressure on these larger PC companies" to adopt AMD chips,” he said. "They are saying I am spending millions of dollars on this stuff.”

Ruiz said the barriers to AMD's entry to the corporate market are dropping, including AMD's reputation for manufacturing and delivery.

The performance of AMD chips has also has also raised the profile of the company, he said. Awareness of AMD has now reached 80 percent of corporate buyers, he claimed.

Nevertheless, Ruiz said AMD could be doing better. “The profile of our customer base [among PC manufacturers] is not one I like a hell of a lot,” Ruiz said. “When you look at the who's who in the PC industry, they were not embracing AMD as strongly as they could,” he said.


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