How Norths Collective personalises their customer’s journey

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Customers' personalising and experience requires various channels and tools to make a thoughtful, easy experience.

Norths Collective is a Sydney-based hospitality group with five venues and two fitness centres, Robert Lopez, general manager – CX, and brand and innovation discuss with Digital Nation how they create a personalised journey for their customers.

Lopez said the company uses various channels to communicate to their customers, mainly email.

“Through email, we're using dynamic content and personalising what each member is receiving from us based on three types of data,” he said.

“We look at their demographical data, transactional data, and more importantly, we started looking at their habitual data. We start understanding what mediums are they more active on than others? Is there a particular time of day that they're more active so we're starting to personalise?”

Once the company better understands its customer’s habits, they personalise the customers’ experience.

“We are now closing the loop, where we've got all this data and we're understanding a lot about this, but how do we now personalise their communication journey on all of our channels,” he said.

Lopez explained that the first step of their personalisation is by implementing website integration.

“We have seven websites to integrate with and from that, we use the data we're capturing from our members to give them a more personalised website experience,” he said.

Lopez said depending on the customer’s history, the website experience will be personalised.

“As they're going on to our homepage, everybody will experience a different screen image, depending on what parts of the website they've visited historically, and what data we've got based on their contact profile and the back-end back end CRM.”

They also implemented pop-ups on the website, according to Lopez.

“Pop-ups are another great thing we've started using to personalise interactions through the website. As people were looking to exit the site and as the mouse hovers over that X in the top right-hand corner, a pop up will appear with the call to action.

"It is another reason for them to stay on the site that little bit longer to help us improve metrics like time on site and bounce rate,” he added. 

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