Case study: WLTH brings a better CX with an integration platform

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Customers want a seamless experience when their on a site and organisations provide that by implementing integration platforms.

WLTH (pronounced wealth) is a purpose led payment and lending company and its chief technology officer Dave Chapman explains to Digital Nation how it fixed its integration problems.

“We want our customers to come in and have a completely seamless experience, regardless of the fact that they will actually be conducting business or transacting on multiple cloud platforms,” he said.

“You can't do that without a solid integration tool behind it, you can't write all those integrations and expect not to build a cross on your own back over time.”

WLTH implemented Boomi as it’s integration platform. Chapman said, “Boomi is seamless and that allows an instant change from one place to another. Importantly, the Master Data Hub tool that comes with Boomi, it's a really powerful tool for getting that single customer experience, which is what we're driving at.”

Since installing Boomi for WLTH, Chapman said the company is experiencing less issues.

“As a CTO you get a lot of people wandering in your office saying something's broken. What do we do about this? I've never had someone come in and say Boomi isn't working. After operating it for seven years as a key piece of our infrastructure at a fairly major bank and to be able to say that for this software is quite amazing,” he said.

“You still need to build the integration, but it's drag and drop, and it's much easier. We’ve employed consultants to do those builds. Then it just runs and if we want to change it, it's going to be a week's effort, not another month or two,” he added.

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