Case study: Marketboomer implements a new reward system for its staff

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Rewarding employees isn’t as straightforward as it seems, Nathan Gyaneshwar, founder at Marketboomer was struggling to find a way to reward all of his employees that wasn’t just with gift cards.

He explains to Digital Nation how the company implemented a new reward system for its staff.

“We have a quarterly team session where we set focus for the next quarter and we would have key objectives to review the objectives from the previous quarter. That would be a time where we do team shout outs, particularly around core values,” he said.

During these meetings he would hand out vouchers to staff to reward them for their hard work but creating those gift cards was more effort than it was worth.

“I'm better off handing people cash, even during COVID the teams are working from home, so I had to post the card out to them,” he explained.

Gyaneshwar found a solution to his problem through ShoutaBiz, a platform that helps employers reward their staff.

“This platform was like exactly what I needed to be able to do that. The starting point was replacing that clunky process that I had of wanting to give the team members something.

“They could make their own decision on how they wanted to spend it. But it's not just putting cash in their bank account, it's providing something a bit nicer, but had had a bit of branding to it,” he said.

The platform lets Gyaneshwar provide a customised message to his staff and has changed how he rewards employees.

“We've moved from that once a quarter thing to now it's built into the everyday reward mechanism that any team member might get.

"I remember when I used to work in hotels the only real prize was employee of the year at the Christmas party and they won something massive and everyone else got nothing. [ShoutaBiz] is the opposite of that's so now people can get a little reward anytime,” he said.

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