Culture the most important attribute for success: Veeam CEO

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Culture the most important attribute for success: Veeam CEO

When thinking about the pillars for a thriving organisation, culture is one of the most important attributes to an organisation’s success, said Veeam CEO Anand Eswaran.

At the 2022 VeeamOn conference in Las Vegas, Eswaran spoke to Digital Nation Australia on how crucial culture is for both employees and employers.

Eswaran said when he thinks of culture it’s rarely about whether a new employee will fit into the culture but rather what will the new employee add to the culture.

“How do you become a cultural add rather than a cultural fit, it is not static, it evolves. In the spirit of that desire to help, everyone sometimes rushes to the same pocket at the same time. As culture always evolve. These are some of the things I hope to bring in, to not lose the soul of the company but add elements which will help us scale better,” he explained.

Matthew Bishop, COO at Veeam also spoke to Digital Nation Australia on this topic and he said culture changes as the company grows.

“The essence of a great company is endlessly reinventing itself. The fun thing about being in a growth company is that so many changes in the year. You can look back at any period of time and say, ‘wow, that that's different’, the portfolio has changed, and the partner base has changed," he explained. 

"You’ve added a ton of people because if you're a growth company, you're adding people on a continuous basis."

“Having a champion of the direction culture needs is great and having a team aligned with the culture and that embraces the way that culture can change as we bring more people into the organisation, that is powerful for a company," he said. 

Bishop said it is “fun” to be in a company that provides that constant evolution of culture.

“This vibrancy of change and reinvention is a key part of the company and hopefully it translates into our products to help our customers reinvent their business all the time as well,” he added.

Athina Mallis travelled to VeeamON as a guest of Veeam.

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