The rise of the personalised enterprise

How IT, marketing and digital can align to deliver a next-generation customer experience

All organisations want to deliver a great customer experience, but increasingly a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t cut it any more, as consumers expect a personalised experience.

However, personalisation means different things to different people and organisations. How do you decide what content and experiences to personalise? How do you deliver those experiences – and what does that mean for the marketing, digital and IT functions in your organisation?

Australia’s leading enterprise IT and marketing titles, iTnews and Mumbrella, held a roundtable discussion in conjunction with Dynatrace and Liferay to help understand how organisations are addressing these issues.

The roundtable participants included CIOs, CMOs, CDOs and other executives from Westpac, Air New Zealand, QBE, Macquarie University, Hyundai, Cancer Council NSW, TravelEdge and Mad Mex.

A number of common trends and insights emerged from the discussion, including how:

  • Taking a customer-focused approach will ensure IT, digital and marketing teams are aligned and pulling in the same direction
  • Content is now king in marketing, but increasingly it needs to be content that is personalised for customers
  • Personalisation starts with understanding customer journeys and personas through data
  • Getting the right balance in digital teams is vital, as is expanding and understanding customer touch points
  • Digital transformation – and the capacity for change – differs greatly between organisations.

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The roundtable and report were supported by Dynatrace and Liferay.

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