Windows mobile secured

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Windows mobile secured

On the fly encryption makes safety a no-brainer.

Mobile security firm SafeBoot has released an encryption system that works on PDAs and smartphones running Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system.

Conventional encryption systems normally require the user to apply encryption and de-encryption file by file, but Device Encryption for Windows Mobile works on the fly, once the user has authenticated using a password or pin.

As well as making the enhanced security offered by encryption a no-brainer for users, SafeBoot claims its software causes virtually no performance loss.

Standard application databases such as contacts, appointments, speed dials, calendars and tasks are encrypted on the device. Folders can also be selected for encryption, including those containing Outlook mail messages. This means that encrypting of emails can be controlled separately from other applications.

SafeBoot also encrypts removable media cards plugged into the Smartphone or Pocket PC.

With the introduction of pocket versions of Microsoft Office applications and the increasing storage capacities on mobile devices, users are now able to carry the information that has historically been kept on a notebook, including email, contact lists and confidential documents.

However, mobile devices are especially vulnerable to theft and loss, putting valuable data at risk.

Security experts warn that PDAs and laptops are now stolen to order by criminal gangs who use the trusted devices to bypass firms' network security.
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