Windows 7 finds friends in developers

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Windows 7 finds friends in developers

Microsoft has released details of its plans for Windows 7 and developers commenting on the announcement have proved largely supportive.

An analysis of the comments made on the Engineering Windows 7 site show enthusiastic support for the libraries changes made in the new operating system, and the keyboard shortcuts and the new taskbar system.

The bulk of the comments were positive about the changes, but some issues have been raised.

Many feel that, from a security standpoint, the new operating system needs to show more details on file extensions.

A failure to do so could make it easier for malware writers to trick users into getting infected.

"Can we please stop being afraid of file extensions? This causes security issues as the most common attack is an executable file with 'picture.png.exe', (or 'piture.exe') name and the 'exe' is hidden, and has a picture icon," writes one developer.

"Average users don't know, and even if you have UAC prompt, they will still hit Continue, because they will think it is normal and expected to require admin privileges, or think it's the picture viewing application that wants to get some updates or other reasons."

There seems to be a certain amount of nostalgia for the classic Windows Start Menu, which has been a feature since Windows 95. However, some developers feel that it is time for a change.

"It's time to evolve the way Windows users interface with Windows. The old 95 era start menu just doesn't cut it anymore," said one.

"I was just like you guys. I stuck with the classic menu all the way though XP. However, I decided to try the new method in Windows Vista. I learned to make it work for me by unlearning what I did in the old days [and] by keeping open minded and adjusting the way I do things."

It is clear, however, that Internet Explorer 8 still needs work. Complaints include poor picture sizing and unstable operation, as well as a lack of customisation.

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