WhiteGold adds eEye security products

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Swiss developer eEye Digital Security has signed niche Sydney distributor WhiteGold Solutions to push eEye security software to Australian resellers and system integrators.

WhiteGold will distribute the entire eEye range, including its network vulnerability scanners, IS-based Web server protection and data monitoring tools.

Dominic Whitehand, managing director at WhiteGold, said the distributor aimed to provide niche security products to niche Australian markets across a range of verticals.

“Accurately assessing network vulnerabilities and securing the corporate infrastructure are important security initiatives for all companies,” said Daphna Freeman, international channel manager at eEye.

Last month eEye announced an enterprise Web server protection software package for Microsoft Windows Server 2000 and 2003, which the company claims provides added protection against worms such as CodeRed and Nimda.

eEye Digital Security--a private company formed in 1998--targets IT administrators and consultants with security products that work with firewalls and intrusion detection systems. eEye has partners worldwide and offices in the United States, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and France. The company claims to have customers in more than 40 countries.

eEye's products include the Retina Network Security Scanner, Retina Remote Manager, SecureIIS Web Server Protection, Iris Network Traffic Analyzer, Blink Intrusion Prevention System, and REM Remote Enterprise Management.


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