Third Google founder emerges

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Third Google founder emerges

Hubert Chang has claimed that, alongside co founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, he created Google in 1997.

Chang has recorded a video explaining that he was indeed part of the creation team, giving his reasons as to why he has never been recognised for this feat of genius.

The video was uploaded back in 2007, but has started circulating tech sites in a big way since last Tuesday. In the clip, Chang explains, "After viewing this tape, some people might think I'm lying, some might think I'm crazy, some might be upset, while others will consider I'm honest. But the tape has to be made."

Chang also speaks of how he was introduced to Page and Brin in 1997 by Stanford computer science professor Rajeev Motwani, he claims it was shortly after this introduction that the three of them began to collaborate on the search engine.

However, when Larry and Sergey asked him in September 1997 if he would like to put his name on the academic paper that first described Google's Web page ranking system, Chang declined. He says this was in order to focus on his PhD dissertation at NYU – bet he has regretted that one ever since.

Chang says that after completing his PhD he tried to contact Page and Brin, but heard nothing at all from them – which was what gave him the idea of recording this video. “It’s been ten years, and I think this information needs to be known."

It is unclear as to why Chang has taken so long to tell the rest of the world this information, and why he’s not pushing harder than a few emails to get in contact with them.
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