The future of mobile is surface

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The future of mobile is surface

Forget mere touch screens - the whole surface of a mobile phone will soon act as the UI for a mobile phone according to Abhijit Kabra, a mobile guru for Accenture.

His job is to look good and hard at future trends and technologies which might affect the whole mobile sector. He reckons while Microsoft has announced surface computing for the tabletop, it makes more sense for mobile phones.

Kabra was making a whole lot of predictions during his visit to the Smartphone show in London. The fact that a whole bunch of players in the mobile 'value chain' have got together at the show under a single umbrella – the Symbian Foundation – presents opportunities for the likes of Accenture.

Some of his ideas don't sound like they will fly. Such as 'memory as a service'. Such an offering would enable 'dumb' handsets to utilise Net based memory and storage.

Sadly this sounded too much like the old ASP (Application Service Provider) model. So don't hold your breathe on that one.

A possible winner amongst his ideas is a standard means of turning off the camera function inside a mobile phone to prevent the likes of industrial espionage.

So if the Symbian Foundation got its act together, people could still take their cameraphones to work, knowing the camera facility will automatically be disabled over-the-air (OTA).

His last prediction was somewhat inevitable. Accenture is putting the necessary building blocks into place to allow for "dynamic mobile widget generation."
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