Sun 'terrible' place to work

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Sun 'terrible' place to work

David Axmark, co-founder of MySQL, has quit Sun allegedly because the place is too big.

In his resignation letter, Axmark said he quit Sun Microsystems because he hates all the rules and hates having to break them to come up with anything interesting.

"I have thought about my role at Sun and decided that I am better off in smaller organisations," he wrote.

The letter ended up in Sun watcher Kaj Arnö's blog. Axmark added it would be far better for him to ‘retire’ from employment and work with MySQL and Sun on a less formal basis.

Axmark found himself behind a desk at Sun when the outfit bought MySQL in January for US$1bn.

The other founder of MySQL, Monty Widenius, who was the primary architect of the original database, has also said he wants to walk.

Longtime head of MySQL's Japan business, Larry Stefonic, cleaned out his desk after five years with the outfit.

All up it looks like Sun is about to lose shedloads of MySQL experience because it does not want its workers to use colours that are not on the official list and allow creative people to draw outside the lines.
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