Sun rolls out new storage systems

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Sun rolls out new storage systems

Sun is rolling out the first models in its Unified Storage Systems line: 'Amber Road' bundles management and diagnostic software.

The new storage offerings will be released under the banner of the Sun Storage 7000 series.

Code-named 'Amber Road,' the new systems are said by Sun to offer better manageability and ease of setup due to the on-board software in each system. The software stack, known as FISHworks, embeds monitoring and analystical software in each system, allowing the storage servers to issue real-time status reports.

"We've simplified this process with this comprehensive set of tools that give insight on system performance and potential issues that may arise," explained Mike Shapiro, lead engineer for the FISHworks project.

"Over the past two and a half years, the FISHworks team has built and entirely new architecture for integrated storage products that delivers unprecedented analysis capabilities and a new economic model for storage."

The new systems will also feature a number of open-source components. Sun said that in developing the 7000 series, many components were shared with the open source community, particularly through Sun's OpenSolaris project. As such, the company says that the new systems are especially optimized for both SolarisOS and OpenSolaris.

The three Storage 7000 series products will range from a compact 2 terabyte system to a high-end half petabyte offering which will include an option for solid-state drives as well. Prices range from $10,000 for the entry-level system to an $89,490 starting price for the high-end model.

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