Sun fires up Java Caps 6

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Sun Microsystems has announced the immediate availability of Java Composite Application Platform Suite (Java Caps) 6, the latest version of its service-oriented architecture and business integration software..

Java Caps 6 is designed to let users rapidly add and integrate components in a modular fashion.

New enhancements include a modular enterprise service bus for rapidly coupling applications, along with advanced event processing and business process management capabilities.

Java Caps 6 also offers alignment with latest versions of the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server and NetBeans Integrated Development Environment software.

Sun said that Java Caps 6 is the first mainstream SOA platform built on open source through the Open ESB community.

"We are changing the way products are developed by collaborating with open source communities," said Mark Herring, vice president of software infrastructure marketing at Sun.

"Java Caps 6 is a result of this effort and incorporates feedback received from community members, such as a modular and open platform and no vendor lock-in."

Sun also released a new master data management suite designed to give users a single view of customer data.
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