Social networking juror kicked out of court

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Social networking juror kicked out of court

Criminals are expected to face up to their actions in court, but trial by Facebook is not an option, apparently, as a British juror discovered after being booted out for running a poll on the social not-working site to determine the defendants’ guilt.

The female juror purportedly posted confidential details of the case – concerning child abduction and sexual assault – on her Facebook page, after which she told her friends "I don’t know which way to go, so I’m holding a poll."

Needless to say, jurors are not allowed to discuss details of a case with anyone, not even close family members, so posting a public poll – she forgot to configure privacy settings – which could be read by the world and its mother caused justifiable concern.

Officials at Burnley Crown Court in Lancashire were tipped off about the poll and dismissed her from jury duty, continuing the trial with only 11 jurors. But legal sources told the Sun newspaper that the woman was lucky not to be slammed with a contempt of court charge, or worse, being responsible for having the whole trial dismissed.

"She had been asking her mates what they thought... and some people came back with guilty verdicts", noted the source.

The defendants were eventually cleared of child abduction charges and two were also acquitted of having sex with a 14 year-old girl and serious sexual assault.
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