Skype patches Mac OS X security flaw

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Skype patches Mac OS X security flaw

Vulnerability could allow for URL attacks.

Skype has release a patch for a vulnerability in its VoIP software for Mac OS X. The flaw does not affect Windows, Linux or PocketPC versions of Skype.

The vulnerability could allow an attacker to use a specially crafted Skype URL to gain access to a system and execute code. For the vulnerability to be exploited, the user would need to click on the malicious link in another application.

Skype said that the vulnerability lies within the program's URI handler, a component that decodes file locations such as URLs.

A specially formatted URL could crash the application and possibly give the attacker the ability to install and run malware on a system.

Mac OS X versions of Skype 1.5.*.79 and earlier are all affected by the vulnerability, according to the company.

Skype recommends that users download the patch from the company's website or a trusted download site.

Security firm Secunia rated the vulnerability 'highly critical', its second-highest security level. The company credits security researcher Tom Ferris with originally exposing the vulnerability.
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