SES adopt online training programme in time for storm season

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SES adopt online training programme in time for storm season

In preparation for the storm season, the SES in Sydney’s bushy Northern Suburbs has completed a three-year software deal with PolicyPoint to ensure volunteers’ emergency training skills remain up to date.

The software will provision emails to each Willoughby/Lane Cove SES volunteer, reminding them of revision requirements with a link to the specified training module, claimed PolicyPoint.

Furthermore, training participants will be forced to answer questions to evidence their understanding.

According to Brad Nathan, local controller of the Willoughby/Lane Cove unit, the team will be using PolicyPoint to keep their theoretical knowledge alive. Specifically, PolicyPoint will be used following face-to-face training, to assist with each member’s ongoing training revision.

“It’s one thing to gain a qualification, but revising and refreshing that theoretical knowledge is important, as it keeps the knowledge alive. Also, during the refresher, team members often remember additional information, which helps deepen their skills,” Nathan said.

SES volunteers across Australia provides emergency assistance during storms and helps deal with the damage caused by fallen trees, dislodged roofs or localised flooding.

“Without training you don’t get competence,” Nathan said. “With PolicyPoint, we are going to make sure people maintain their competency – which means we’re simply going to be a better team.”

The unit is intending the PolicyPoint service will be live early in 2008. PolicyPoint has also recently signed a a three-year contract with Western Sydney’s Fairfield City Council.

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