Senator Conroy welcomes submissions on new blog

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Senator Conroy welcomes submissions on new blog

Senator Conroy has called for comments, feedback and submissions on the digital economy -- including internet filtering -- on his new blog.

Running for 18 days, the Digital Economy Blog will canvass community views on a range of topics relevant to Australia's digital future.

Readers will be free to post their views, although these views will be moderated by staff and only approved between 8.30am and 4.30pm.

The Digital Economy Blog is the first in a series of trial online policy consultations being coordinated by the Australian Government Information Management Office.

"The online environment provides a whole new world of opportunities for Governments to interact and engage with the public," Senator Conroy said.

"It makes particular sense for us to engage using digital platforms with people who are interested in the digital economy and our digital future."

Upcoming blog posts include:
  • What does the digital economy encompass?
  • How do we maintain the same civil society we enjoy offline in an online world?
  • How can the digital economy respond to environmental concerns?
  • What should Australia do to ensure that our businesses and citizens have the necessary skills to participate fully in the digital economy?
  • How can we measure the success of Australias digital economy?
"For the next 18 days, we will be conducting a public conversation on the potential of the digital economy in Australia ranging from environmental and social opportunities to regulatory frameworks and skills shortages," Senator Conroy said.

"The Australian public has a great enthusiasm for digital technologies and I expect a very lively discussion on the blog about the future of our digital economy," said Conroy.

Conroy noted that the second question, "How do we maintain the same civil society we enjoy offline in an online world?" touched on the issue of filtering. "We welcome your feedback about the [filtering] issue in response to this post."

The Digital Economy Blog is the latest in a series of consultations on Australias digital future and contributions will help shape a Future Directions Paper to be published early next year.

The Digital Economy Blog can be found at:

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