Security technology 'at a watershed'

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Security technology 'at a watershed'

IBM warns that education is everyone's responsibility.

IBM has warned that IT security is "at a watershed" and that systems are currently unfit to meet spiralling threat levels. 

The public is becoming significantly more wary of issues surrounding data security following recent high profile data security breaches at TK Maxx, Nationwide and Halifax.  

IT departments are facing major problems trying to effectively manage, control and mitigate security issues as users demand access to secure data from any device anywhere in the world.

IBM sales leader Patrick Spink said at the Infosecurity Europe 2007 conference in London that IT systems in many companies consist of an "unimaginable mosaic of security systems" with different aspects monitored by different people.

But the high profile of security is heralding widespread change, both from a consumer perspective and from new government directives.

Most analysts now recommend that large companies allocate eight per cent of their IT budget to security, up from less than three percent five years ago.

Spink told VNU that companies which act quickly to address these issues can generate an important advantage in their respective markets.

Educating employees, end-users and customers about safe and secure working methods and how best to protect themselves is vital, according to Spink.

Everyone involved in security should take some responsibility in educating users, and should focus on "sensible education" rather than attempting to browbeat people through fear and scare mongering.
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