Samsung memory chips speed up mobiles

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Samsung memory chips speed up mobiles

OneDRAM chip promises 5x speed boost.

Samsung has unveiled a prototype of its new OneDRAM memory chip which the company claims will allow faster mobile handsets and game consoles. The technology is expected to especially benefit 3D graphics. 

Manufacturers often use two processors on a mobile phone to meet the processing demands of multi media applications.

A specialised communication processor focuses on the phone capabilities, while a media processor tackles music, movies and photos. Each processor typically requires its own dedicated memory.

The 512Mb OneDRAM is designed to provide a single chip to channel data between the two processors, eliminating the need for separate DRam and SRam for buffer memory and increasing transfer speeds of information travelling between the two processors.

The chip promises to increase overall processing speeds by 500 percent and to cut power consumption by 30 percent.

It is also expected to allow for cheaper and slimmer mobile phones as it cuts down on the number of chips required.

The first production chips are slated for availability by the second half of 2007.
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