Robot HR takes over at Google

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Robot HR takes over at Google

Search giant selects likely job applicants using a computer algorithm.

Google is using a computer algorithm to sort through job applications and rank candidates using a score from zero to 100. 

The company has begun to seek out potential high fliers using a system that scans CVs and other personal information.

Applicants looking for a job at Google are asked to fill in a wide-reaching form that provides details including personality, likes and dislikes, attitudes and previous behaviour.

Questions range as far back as high school to provide information from a wide enough period of time.

The practice has arisen because Google receives more than 100,000 job applications each month.

Laszlo Bock, vice president of people operations at Google, said that the company had taken the measures onboard after fears that it might overlook the best candidates using traditional hiring methods.

According to media reports, Google will extend the practice next month to include all new applications.

Google has previously employed a system of recruitment ads that include difficult maths problems to make sure applicants are up to the task.
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