Rise in networking security products

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There is a growing range of security products that are springing up to support enterprise network infrastructures, according to analyst Butler Group.

Andrew Kellett, senior research analyst at Butler Group said, “these [security-based enterprise network infrastructures] products enable organisations to understand the full extent of all devices that operate across their systems and networks," he said.

"Products that are used to provision, control, and manage such devices, products that authenticate user and device status as they log-on, and products that will need to be capable of handling convergence between physical and logical access systems.”

Kellett said the continued disconnection between technology propaganda and reality is one of the main reasons why the security sector continues to struggle to stay ahead of the new range of threats that are continually being delivered.

“Professionally-driven, criminally and illegally motivated elements of the threat world find the ease with which they can make use of technology so tantalisingly inviting,” added Kellett.

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