Pointsec adds two-factor authentication

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Pointsec adds two-factor authentication

Stronger encryption software for laptops and desktops.

Security firm Pointsec Mobile Technologies has strengthened its enterprise encryption software for laptop and desktop PCs with the launch of Pointsec for PC 6.0.

The application integrates with the ActivIdentity Smart Card ID platform and with ActivIdentity ActivKey USB tokens for two-factor authentication.

Pointsec's software encrypts the entire disk of a notebook or desktop PC in real time and will only grant access to the information to authenticated users.

The addition and management of a second authentication factor, such as a USB token or smartcard for endpoint security, removes the burden of costly and inflexible proprietary integrations, according to Pointsec.

"As workforces grow more mobile, the risk of exposing sensitive customer or business information from lost or stolen laptops has become a major concern for corporations and government agencies," said Peter Larsson, chief executive at Pointsec Mobile Technologies.

"By integrating our data encryption software with ActivIdentity two-factor authentication solutions we are able to meet the growing demand for higher levels of protection against data breaches caused by lost, stolen or discarded laptop and desktop PCs."

Pointsec has integrated the Pointsec for PC platform with ActivIdentity smartcards and USB tokens configured for use with ActivClient middleware and ActivIdentity Applets.
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