Oz victims in the dark about credit card leak

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Oz victims in the dark about credit card leak

Australians whose credit card details and other personal data have been exposed on the public Internet since Friday are yet to be contacted by their credit card merchants or law enforcement authorities.

As reported on iTnews on Friday, the credit card and contact details of some 19,000 people have been discovered sitting in the cache of a popular search engine.

Within hours of the attack, representatives from both the Australian Federal Police and Visa told iTnews they would be investigating the matter.

As of 3pm today (Monday, March 23, 2009), the details remain available on the public Internet for viewing.

Today iTnews took the opportunity to contact a sample of affected Australian customers.

One couple from Perth, Western Australia, recognised one of the names of the UK apparel e-tailers listed on the site as a place from which they have purchased goods in the past.

The two British ex-pats said they had heard nothing from their bank, credit card company or law enforcement, and went about checking their bank statements for irregularities.

Another affected customer, a young girl from Victoria, said she had heard nothing and expressed some relief that in her case, the credit card in question had recently expired.

Representatives from the Australian Federal Police promise to update iTnews before day's end.


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