Over half of IT security staff have no idea about corporate law

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Confusion reigns in the compliance world as UK board members know what the Companies Bill is but IT security professionals have absolutely no idea.

A survey conducted by the IT security firm formerly known as Netegrity (recently appropriated by CA) found that 55 per cent of the 281 surveyed were not aware of the Companies Bill. At the same time 54 per cent were confident they would meet deadlines associated with current legislation.

"They've clearly got their head up their a**e," said Clive Longbottom, head of research at industry analyst Quocirca. "How they can claim this is crazy. If they want to keep their jobs then this really has to change. But in the current climate it is difficult."

Gavin Bradbury, marketing director at Netegrity claimed the results were unsurprising. "Research earlier this year showed that 30 per cent of UK PLCs have no IT board member. The message does not reach who it should," he said.

Longbottom insisted the situation has to change. "There does need to be more contact between the board and the IT department. Obviously security is a large part of that department," he said.

The Companies Bill aims to tighten auditing and accounting, preventing a UK repeat of Enron and WorldCom. Disaster recovery, identity and access management and network security are all covered by the bill and require strict compliance.


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